What they think......

"Susan is one of those rare teachers who will search for and find a way to explain things so that YOU understand what you need to do to improve your singing. I know that because of Susan's tuition, my technique is sound, my voice is healthy and I have received constant and integral encouragement. I am grateful to have had the privilege of learning from Susan Ellis."

(Jessica is now completing an Opera Diploma at Melbourne Opera School)


"Thankyou thank you thank you for bringing back my passion for musc. It is thoroughly evident of how much I have improved under your wing. You have fixed so many issues and broken many habits teachers before you have struggled to do. I have become comfortable with the voice I have, and its new-found technique. You have definatley brought back my love of music with all the opportunities you have provided me with."  - Zoe


"Ive learnt so many valuable skills and techniques that I will bring into the future with me. Your lessons have not only helped me grow as a singer, but as an individual too. Your advice has helped guide the way through my teenage years. You have been so much more than a singing teacher to me and I have enjoyed the journey we have taken together. I have taken a huge leap as a vocalist and I hope that one day I can have as much passion for my job as you certainly do." - Alysha