Matt Copley Quartet - Green Jam at South Bank 22 June 2018

Don't miss Matt singing (oh and trumpeting) up a storm as he performs many of his Originals and of course your favorite hits at Green Jam- Southbank. I certainly will be there and I encourage you all to attend.


THE GIRL IN THE GREEN! Gabrielle launches new EP.

congratulations to Gabrielle who has kicked a huge goal in 2017 releasing her EP and working on her new uni course at QUT. BRAVA!

Please buy Gabrielles CD. Here is the link!



Congratulations to Emma!

A huge year for Emma as she embarked on her first principal role (Dido) in Opera Queensland's Youth Open Stage.

Secondly and even more importantly!!! Emma achieved her goal to be accpted into the Griffyn Conservatorium to study a BMus in Classical Performace  (Voice) . 

Dido and Aeneas was a joy to work on personally as MD and I do hope to work on something again soon with these talented bunch of singers!


2017 was a huge year for Jess!

Two dream roles for Jess this year. Ellen from Miss Saigon and Fantine from Les Miserables! So proud of her. What a star!

Jessica Ham brings Fantine to life in spectacular detail. The passion and the emotion brought to bear on the character by Ham during the iconic ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ is stunning to witness and her wonderfully rich voice brought well deserved cheers from the audience. Ham’s brief but powerful time on stage lifts the beginning and the end of the show and gives a wonderful, much needed, energy to those points of the production.

"Jessica Ham brought strength to Ellen which was never more apparent than when she sang “Now That I’ve Seen Her”."


Cinderella reviews are in. 

Congratulations Sarah, Thomas Audrey and Viv! I have never read such glowing reviews. I am thrilled for Sarah that her enormous efforts have paid off. What a wonderful performance she gave!

Here are some snippets...

Music: Richard Rodgers. Book & Lyrics: Oscar Hammerstein II. Queensland Musical Theatre. Director: Deian Ping. Musical Director: Gerry Crooks. Choreography: Julianne Burke. Schonell Theatre, St Lucia 1-5 Nov 2017

Whoever plays Cinderella needs to look and act like a princess and fortunately Queensland Musical Theatre have found the perfect girl for the role. Sarah Copley is princess material personified; singing in a mature soprano, looking magical in a white ball-gown, and tripping daintily up the steps of the palace, she is the best thing about this very old-fashioned production.

Bringing a fairy tale princess to life is no small task. Especially not one as utterly iconic as Cinderella, and many interpretations have fallen far short of the mark. Sarah Copley however, is perfection. She is sweet, daring, coy, flirtatious, and has a voice to die for. From her rendition of ‘In My Own Little Corner’, through to her duet work in ‘Ten Minutes Ago’ Copley is Disney princess perfect. Every considered head tilt, and hand gesture is reminiscent of the classic film, and her perfectly rounded tones in both her singing and speaking voice always alluding to the princess underneath the servant girl exterior. Copley’s performance is worth the admission price alone.


Congratulations to Thomas also!

A perfect princess needs a perfect Prince Charming, and in Thomas Chapman we have exactly that. His voice is velvet, and he holds a thoroughly well composed poise throughout. Chapman gives us a commanding, sweet, thoughtful Charming, who is such a wonderful match for Copley. Their onstage chemistry is magical and will make even the most cynical audience member smile.