The Studio

Information about Private Singing Lessons

Voice lessons start with assessing the students natural range and voice type.

All voice lessons include vocal warm-ups, breathing techniques, posture and vocal technique through repertoire that is appropriate for the vocal student.
Professional performance practice and stagecraft will be addressed in every lesson.
Analysis of text and character behind the music is essential to move from the superficial learning of a song and great emphasis is placed on this 'exploration' in lessons.

Voice lessons focus on repertoire that meets their individual goals, including Broadway musicals, pop, folk and contemporary, art songs and classical, opera and more.

Information about Susan Ellis

Susan graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Music and Masters of Music (with distinction) and Graduate Diploma of Education. Susan was a member of Opera Queensland’s Young Artist program.

Susan is highly qualified and has extensive performance experience. Most importantly, she strives to relate her teaching to each individual student's learning style.

She has been a professional vocalist, performer and teacher for 15 years. She has lectured in tertiary performance at the Australian National University, School of Music and taught voice and class room music at Burgmann Anglican School, Orana School of Steiner Education and the Young Music Society in Canberra. She has also taught as a member of Opera Queensland's Moving Opera and currently is the Principal Voice Teacher responsibl for Choral an Vocal Programs at Moreton Bay College and Moreton Bay Boys College in Brisbane.

Susan can teach you to sing in the style of your choice. She places great emphasis on vocal health and hygiene and can teach diverse vocal genres. All levels; beginners to advanced are welcome.

Susan's voice studio can be located in Brisbane and via SKYPE.

For a full biography of Susan Ellis go to About Susan in this web site.

If you would like Susan to contact you about singing tuition, please send an email to or contact her through the contact section of this web site.

Information about Cancellation and Rescheduling.

Susan travels between three states teaching and has a committed studio in each city.  She relies on her students being consistent and punctual.  48 Hours notice is currently required for lesson cancellation and rescheduling due to her flying commitment. She will arrange lesson schedules in advance via email for when she is in each state.

Exceptions to the 48-hour cancellation policy include:
• Sudden Illness
• Family emergency

Emergencies do not include:
• Forgetting lesson time or miscommunication with family members about lesson time
• Sports or extracurricular activity programs
• Traffic

Susan reserves the right to dismiss the student from lessons for any of the following reasons:
• Student cancellations or “no-shows” become chronic
• Lack of interest - student shows no sign of practice or interest in learning
• Poor attitude - student does not cooperate or is not involved in the lesson
• Untimely payments